Business CCTV

Business CCTV

Mint Security Systems install business CCTV camera security systems in business premises around Nottingham, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Mansfield and Worksop, plus many surrounding areas of Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire & Derbyshire. We are a NSI approved installer so we will meet all the requirements of your insurance company with a certificate of compliance being issued on completion.

Business CCTV Camera

Business CCTV Installation

Our day/night CCTV Systems provide businesses with 24/7 security using state-of-the-art high resolution cameras. The digital recording technology used is the highest quality & is fully upgradeable.

Whether your business requires a single CCTV (closed circuit television) camera system for videoing your reception area, or a 30+ camera CCTV security installation for protecting your industrial premises including car park, loading bays & external perimeter areas, we have a cost effective video solution for you.

Our customer base speaks for itself, with CCTV installations ranging from a single camera system connected to a single monitor for a security guard, to a multi-camera remote surveillance system connected to a remote monitoring station.

Typical applications for our CCTV systems include petrol-stations, video stores, factories, offices, shops, leisure centres, pubs, night-clubs & hotels, etc.

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) allow for high quality continuous digital CCTV recording no matter how many times you record over existing footage. Our business CCTV systems come installed with a 500GB hard drive size that can store footage for around 30 days. All DVR’s have built in multiplexing allowing six-fold operation – simultaneous record, live, playback, back-up, control, remote access & have the facility to be networked for remote viewing & backing up.

Smartphone CCTV Viewer

Remote CCTV Camera Viewing

Our range of digital CCTV video recorders allow remote viewing from any location using internet explorer, a mobile phone or iPhone. During the installation of your CCTV system our engineers will connect your DVR to your broadband internet router & provide you with your own unique web address for accessing your CCTV system. By using Internet Explorer or Firefox browser on any PC in any location around the world you can view live images & play back recorded footage from your home CCTV system by simply entering your CCTV web address.

CCTV Camera Image

The image to the left is a live feed taken from our office car park camera so you can see the quality of the CCTV we install. The CCTV camera is equipped with low light technology and remains in full colour in almost complete darkness.  This camera is park of our HD range and comes with either a 2 megapixel or 4K sony lens. Click here to open the live feed in full screen to appreciate the full quality.

View the screen shots of our remote viewer in action. The remote viewer can be accessed using internet explorer on any PC. The images provide an idea of the picture quality during day & night.

Business CCTV System
Business CCTV System - Night
Commercial CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras

Our range of high-resolution business CCTV cameras are designed to blend in with the exterior of your property. All external dome cameras come supplied with infra red LED’s built-in to the camera, these provide up to 30mtrs of night vision. The light sensor built into the cameras automaticaly turns on the infra red LEDs at dusk. The cameras automatically switch to black & white mode to give sharp clear images even at night. Cameras are available in white & graphite.

CCTV Monitors

CCTV Monitors

Our business CCTV security systems can be supplied with a high resolution CCTV monitor which can be desk mounted, or ideally, wall mounted next to an entry or exit door to reassure visitors that they are being recorded on CCTV.

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