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Monitored Alarm connects to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) which is a remote central station manned 24 hours a day 365 days a year, via your telephone line. This permanent phone connection enables the alarm system to send signals as and when necessary to the ARC which in turns verifies the signals received and take appropriate actions. For instance if the alarm system detects an intrusion, it immediately sends an intruder signal to the ARC via the phone line. Within seconds the ARC is able to verify the alarm signal and decide on appropriate course of action – to alert you or one or more of your nominated keyholders and if necessary alert the Police via an agreed communication channel.

Alarm Monitoring of your premises requires an active phone line. The risk of vulnerable phone line can be overcome by adopting a dual signalling method such as Redcare and DualCom.

YES. You have other options such as Bells Only Alarm which makes audible noises to deter intruders or alert the neighbours of a break in. It is also possible for your house alarm to send messages to your mobile phone via its onboard communicator or a dedicated Speech Dialler.

YES. Your alarm allows for full setting, part setting and night setting. Typically, at night setting, you are free to move around at some area of your home such as upstairs whilst the ground floor is alarmed.

It takes on average 6 hours to install a standard intruder alarm system in a house or shop.

We also offer Pet friendly sensors to allow pets to move around the home undetected.

YES. We provide 12 months minimum guarantee on Mint Security Systems Alarms. Monitored Alarms are offered with Lifetime Warranty i.e. for the duration of the monitoring contract.

YES. Extra sensors can be added to your alarm system; at additional costs.

Ideally within seven days, however we can consider a fast track installation in emergency circumstances.

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