Local Fire Alarm Installer

Local Fire Alarm Installer

Mint Fire & Security is a leading installer of fire alarm detection systems for businesses in the following areas; Chesterfield, Nottingham, Sheffield. Mint Fire & Security not only install fire alarms but also maintain, repair, service and take over existing fire systems.

Fire Alarm

Since December 1999 it has been a criminal offence for any business not to have a fire risk assessment for their premises to protect your employees from any fire risk. It’s against the law not to have sufficient fire prevention. Mint Fire & Security can provide business with the necessary fire detection systems and everything else you need at realistic prices in the following areas; Chesterfield, Nottingham, Sheffield.

To be truly effective all fire alarm systems must be individually designed in accordance with an approved risk assessment in order to minimize the risk. We take into account the usage of the premises so that the system remains effective and user friendly. All our fire alarms use the latest detection technology so that they provides early fire detection whilst rejecting sources of false alarms.

Our fire alarms range from basic property protection to fully addressable protection systems with options to have any system remotely monitored. Mint Fire & Security also sell other products to limit the damage fire can cause – such as extinguishers and fire blankets.

For more information on any of the above, or to request a no-obligation fire alarm survey at your business, please contact us today, on the following numbers: