Perimeter Security

Mint Security Systems specialises in perimeter security systems for home and businesses in the Nottingham, Sheffield, Mansfield, Chesterfield and Worksop areas.

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Perimeter CCTV

Perimeter Security with Remote Monitoring.

Perimeter Detection

Mint Security Systems specialises in perimeter detection security systems for home and businesses in Nottingham, Sheffield, Mansfield, Chesterfield and Worksop.

We help protect yards, lorry parks, car sales lots, Church Roofs from security attack & also offer perimeter security to homeowners.

Systems include Beams, External Grade Movement Detectors, Fence Alarms, Thermal Imaging and CCTV Video Analytics.

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Remotely Monitored CCTV

Mint Security Systems in Partnership with Constant Security provide Monitored CCTV Solutions.

The onsite detection system is linked to the Constant Security control room outside working hours and on detection of movement within the protected area images are sent to Constant Security for verification by the control room operator.

If an intruder is detected a verbal challenge is given over the public address system and if the intruder remains the Police are notified.

Customers’ include

Perimeter security warning devices can range from simple sirens to automatic warning messages, to fully monitored systems with key holders and/or security guarding response.

  • Steel Stockholders
  • Industrial Sites
  • Car Sales Lots
  • Shopping Centres
  • Church Roofs
  • Farms
  • Lorry Yards
  • Prestigious Homes

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Detection Types

Redwall detectors

External Detectors

Redwall external movement detectors can cover an area of up to 100mtrs and are designed to be used in harsh outdoor environment.  

Hikvision thermal cameras

Thermal Image CCTV

Thermal image cameras can cover a fence line and when the heat source crosses the detection line the image is sent to the Monitoring station for verification.

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CCTV Video Analytics

This intelligent NVR effectively ‘learns’ to identify people captured by the CCTV surveillance cameras. The NVR also learns to filter out false alarms.