Smoke Cloak Security Fog

Mint Security Systems are fully trained installers and maintainers of Smoke Cloak security fogging devices covering Worksop, Retford, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Mansfield, Matlock, Bakewell, Nottingham, plus many surrounding areas of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire.

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Smoke Cloak

Security Fogging Device.

Smoke Security Systems

Installing a smoke security systems such as a Smoke Cloak security system to your business in Nottingham, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Worksop provides instant protection of your business premises from break-ins & theft by unwanted thieves and other intruders.

Most major losses on business premises occur within the first 20 minutes of a break-in, between the activation of your alarm system & response from the police or keyholder arriving at the property.

Smoke security systems provide protection in these vulnerable minutes by generating a virtually impenetrable barrier of fog to intruders in a matter of seconds & forcing thieves to leave frustrated & empty-handed. (Please click on the central PLAY button to watch the video, below).

Additional strobe lighting & ear-splitting sirens can be added to the Smoke Cloak Security system to make this & any further break-ins by burglars a really obnoxious experience!

Smoke Cloak works seamlessly with existing alarm installations

The smoke security system installed by Mint Security Systems is ‘Smoke Cloak’ (originally known as Martin Security Smoke) does not leave residues, it doesn’t damage equipment or clothing (useful for designer shops) and is safe for people & pets.

Using Smoke Cloak patented technology, fog density is constantly optimised in the protected area, so even if the intruders smash windows in an attempt to disperse the fog, the fog barrier will remain stubbornly in place.

Smoke Cloak has been designed & constructed to work seamlessly with existing alarm installations & provides physical protection at the moment of attack when it’s most needed.

Burglars hate fogging devices such as smoke security systems because valuable items are rendered invisible to theft in less time than it takes you to read this article.

Smoke Cloak Protects-

  • Banks & Building Societies
  • Designer Clothes Shops
  • Petrol Stations
  • Jewellery Shops
  • Vape Stores
  • Office Premises
  • Industrial Units
  • Mobile Phone shops
  • Home Owners
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

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Smoke Cloak Demo Videos

Smoke Cloak in Warehouses

Smoke Cloak provides great protection for warehouses to protect stock while the Police are on route.

Smoke Cloak for Shops

Protecting your shop with a Smoke Cloak fogging device protects stock from smash and grab style break-ins.

Smoke Cloak for Vape Stores

The ultimate protection for your Vape Store. Smoke Cloak fills the area with a dense fog making it impossible to see anything to steal.


Got any questions about Smoke Cloak ? Please click on our frequently asked questions, for more information.

Is the fog emitted harmful ?

NO. It is not real smoke – it is a glycol vapour and is harmless.  We have a report, along with a health and safety datasheet, which analyses this in great detail and copies are available. A similar substance is also used in theatres, discos and e-cigarettes.

For how long does the fog pump out ?

The SmokeCloak can activate on initial trigger for between 6 to 59 seconds. If the density of the vapour were to subsequently drop, the CloakSensor (a vapour monitor) will automatically reactivate, maintaining protection. 45 minutes is the typical time the fog will remain if the room is unventilated and at a normal temperature.

Will the fog damage clothing / personal computers / money etc. ?

NO. Provided it is installed and maintained correctly, it will not cause any damage.

How many times can SmokeCloak operate on one container of fluid ?

It takes 0.45cc of fluid to make 1m3 of vapour. The amount of activations will therefore depend on the machine, the room size and the fluid bottle being used. A SmokeCloak can therefore activate a number of times on a single bottle of fluid. A sensor in the fluid bottle will tell the alarm control panel if it is ‘low fluid’ or, if it is out of fluid, ‘no fluid’.

How does SmokeCloak affect third-party liability ?

MSS Professional has arranged an insurance policy to provide public liability cover in the event of a bodily injury arising from the effects of SmokeCloak. This cover is provided free to all SmokeCloak machines, provided they have been installed and maintained in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.