Burglar Alarm vs CCTV

With an 8% increase in theft during the last year alone many businesses and homeowners are looking at different ways to protect their properties and the main question asked is should we install a Burglar Alarm or CCTV System? In this definitive guide we look at both options for securing your property and provide some insights you may not have considered..

Burglar Alarms should be considered as your first line of defence, if you have a Burglar Alarm armed (set) and an intruder breaks into your home the alarm will sound and the fact is most burglars don’t want to stay in a property where an alarm is sounding. 

A monitored alarm system will give you extra peace of mind as it is linked to an alarm receiving centre (ARC). Once sensors have picked up 2 notifications the alarm will be activated as confirmed, the ARC will contact the Police and contact you or the relevant contact on the list of keyholders you supply.

Police monitored alarms

Also consider the fact that if all properties around you have alarm bell boxes installed and yours doesn’t this will make you more of a target to potential intruders, this is also true of older looking bell boxes, chances are that if your bell box looks old your alarm system is too and a burglar is more likely to take a chance that your alarm will not operate if he breaks in. 

Most modern Burglar Alarm bell boxes have LEDs that pulse from side to side and some sounder’s are illuminated, this provides an excellent visual deterrent to warn off potential burglars before they even chance their luck.

Mint Security Bell Box

With the advances in wireless alarm technology the installation process of having a Burglar Alarm installed is now less stressful and systems can be quickly installed in your home or business with no detrimental effect to your decorating and no need for carpets being lifted.

Wireless alarms can be installed usually in one working day and the average cost for a professionally installed system in a standard detached home is around £800. This is a small price to pay to protect your home or business.

CCTV Cameras provide an effective way of monitoring your home or business while you are away and with Smartphone remote viewing Apps you can check-in at any time to see what’s happening.

Smart Alerts like motion detection, line crossing and tripwire can be setup to alert you when someone approaches your property. These alerts are sent to your Smartphone as push notifications with an image attached showing the moment the alert was generated.

CCTV Smartphone APP

Most CCTV systems are able to record footage to a computer style hard drive this allows you to playback recorded video from the previous 30 days and this can then be downloaded to a USB memory stick.

Seeing in the dark is now a standard feature on CCTV systems and some cameras can even see in complete darkness while remaining in colour such as Darkfighter cameras.

car theft CCTV

Police can gain crucial details from your CCTV system such build, size and clothing of burglars and this could be linked with footage from neighbours systems, obviously they are able to use the CCTV for looking at other incidents.

Cabling for CCTV Systems generally needs to be installed as wireless cameras are very power hungry so batteries would constantly need replacing, a professional installer can normally make light work of this task.

The average cost of a 2 camera CCTV system is around £900 so the price is very comparable to an Alarm System.

So to sum up Burglar Alarms should be considered essential for protecting your property, CCTV is more for reviewing recorded footage after the event and keeping an eye on your property.

We do recommend having your Alarm or CCTV Cameras installed by an accredited installer such as one approved by the NSI (National Security Inspectorate) or SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board).