CCTV Positioning Tips

CCTV Cameras Installation Tips

So you’re thinking about having CCTV cameras installed to protect your property and looking for some top tips from the experts on where to position your cameras to give the best view. Mint Security Systems have been installing CCTV systems for over 15 years so we can point you in the right direction for help with positioning and installing a CCTV System. 

Camera Positioning.
It is vital that you position cameras to cover all the key access points to your property; this would generally include covering the front, sides and rear of your property. Normally overlooked the front is a vulnerable area with most potential burglars knocking on the front door prior to breaking in to a property to check if anyone is home. Also the drive is another key area to cover to provide a view over your car.

Front Elevation.
Our recommendation for the front of the property is one camera adjacent to the front door to give a good quality facial image of anybody approaching your door, this camera can be set up with line crossing detection to send a screenshot alert to your smartphone when anybody approaches.

The next camera location to consider should be to cover the drive and your car (area as per camera 2 in the example below). Vehicles are a target to thieves parked up overnight on a drive so a darkfighter or similar low light CCTV camera is recommended to give a colour image even at night.

Lastly on the front a high level camera under the soffit is recommended to give an overview of your front garden and road area (as per camera 3 in our example below), this shows any suspicious activity as they approach your property, any vehicles they may be using, direction of travel and also any noticeable features like clothing or footwear.

CCTV Positioning Tips 1

Side Elevation.

The side elevation of the property needs covering with a CCTV camera at both sides of the house if access is possible. With the side of the property generally being narrow we recommend using a varifocal camera so the image can be adjusted to just focus on the path area and not the house wall or neighbouring property, if the camera can see too much brickwork the infra night vision will bounce back at night giving useless image. The camera should ideally be positioned on the rear corner looking back to the front to give a good image of anybody hopping over the gate or fence.

Rear Elevation.
The rear elevation can generally be covered using a camera positioned under the soffit to give an overview of the rear garden. If you have an extension or conservatory an additional camera should also be positioned to cover any blind spots. See cameras 4 and 5 in the example below.

A camera looking back towards the rear of the house always provides a good view and can be positioned on a shed or tree at the top of the garden. The cable can be run in some flexi conduit or if you have power in your shed the camera can connect back to your recorder over Wifi. Potential burglars don’t always notice looking back towards the house so can catch them unawares with their hoods down, the camera will also give a good view of your back doors and windows.

CCTV Positioning Tips 2

We always recommend using a professional NSI accredited company like Mint Security to install your CCTV system. We can provide a site survey to discuss camera positions and cable routes in the Worksop, Retford, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Nottingham areas.

Also remember to discuss with neighbours if any cameras are likely to be overlooking their property, you will normally find that they are fine with this as it provides them with some protection. If they do have an issue you can pixelate out any areas of their property from the DVR. 

We do understand that people like to install CCTV systems so we hope you find this camera positioning guide helpful.