Easy to Follow Home Security Tips from Mansfield and Area’s Home Alarm Installers, Mint Security System

It is a proven fact that during the cold, dark winter months, the number of crimes against homes and other property increases dramatically.  This may sound rather gloomy for joyful New Year beginnings but being aware of the threats can inspire positive action. Here are some useful tips compiled by the team at Mansfield home alarm installers, Mint Security, to help you keep your home safe…


While seems obvious to suggest you set your home alarm when you are out, your system can also be set up to be activated at night or while you are upstairs during the day. Door chimes can also be used, which make a noise like a doorbell each time the door is opened alerting you to anyone entering your property without your knowledge.

Ensure that the alarm bell box is fitted in a visible location on the exterior of the building such as just below the roofline. Most alarms have a red LED light on the bell box that shows the system is live- a burglar will know to look for this blinking red light so putting the bell box in a prominent position means they see it easily.

It is essential to get faulty alarms repaired quickly while regular servicing is also a good habit to get into.

Get in the habit of setting your alarm, even if you are literally popping across the road. Premeditated crime can come from days or weeks of monitoring your daily habits.


Avoid storing your spare key under the plant pot or matt, this is the first place someone is likely to look. Keep a spare a key with a family member or friend and even one at your office.  Temptation to drop door keys and car keys on the hall table once you walk in the front door is a bad habit to get in to and could result in your car being stolen from your drive while you’re home. Keep all keys in a safe place and away from the front door. Front door letterboxes are far too often the way inside for a thief. How do they do it? The answer is simple: a long stick and a hook.


Ensure that pathways and backdoors have sufficient lighting. This can be motion activated by energy saving purposes but will be enough of a deterrent to make someone think twice. The last thing a thief needs is to be lit up like Blackpool illumination on their route to and from your property.

False Pretences

The more reason you can give someone not to target your home the better. Even if you are out, give the impression you aren’t. Leave an energy-saving light on that can be seen from the outside or install a light timer with easy to adjust settings. Try to ensure that the light timer is changed regularly so the light is not coming at the same time everyday, as this is an obvious giveaway for anyone regularly checking out the neighbourhood.


Ensure that you have functioning, modern locks on all exits and entrances to your property, including windows, and use door locks each and every time you leave your home, even if you’re only popping next door. Old windows can often be worked loose from the outside so it may be worth refitting the ground floor level with frames that have an improved locking mechanism.  Fit the front and back door with additional bolts for complete peace of mind and ensure that any rot in and around door and window frames is replaced immediately. Don’t be tempted to leave this until the summer months as rotten wood easily looses its strength and you could find yourself bereft of all your valuable possessions long before the sun makes its first appearance of the year.

Remote Control

With today’s technology there are myriad easy ways in which to control your house lights and security systems from your iPad, other tablet or smart phone.

If you need more help on keeping your property secure or need a quote for a home alarm in Mansfield, Sheffield or surrounding areas, just give us a call.