How to Stop Your Car From Becoming a Target for Thieves

Car thefts are on the rise: during 2017, around 85,000 car thefts took place in the UK. Figures show that thefts of this type have risen by over 30% in the past three years.

The increase in car thefts means that it is now more important than ever to make sure you keep your car safe and secure, and put measures in place to reduce the likelihood of your car being stolen.

There are a number of precautions you can take to make it harder for your car to be taken by thieves.

1. Keep it Locked

It goes without saying that keeping your car locked and secure is the most important thing when it comes to preventing it becoming stolen. However, it is surprising how many people forget to lock their cars. Always ensure you lock yours and double-check you’ve locked it before leaving it.

2. Keep Your Valuables Away From Prying Eyes

One of the main reasons cars get stolen or broken in to is because the thieves can see valuables on display. It is essential that you keep all valuables, and ideally all belongings, out of sight so that there is no temptation there for potential thieves. Keep any coats, valuables, bags and general belongings in your boot and things like CDs, portable Sat Navs and sunglasses in the glove box.

3. Invest in a Security System

In some cases, motorists will experience their cars being stolen from right under their noses, when their cars are parked at home in front of their house. This is the most worrying kind of car theft and is something that is on the increase. Many thieves will watch the owners of the car they are targeting for days or even weeks before attempting to steal the vehicle, often making a note of habits and routines.

Ensure you do not leave yourself vulnerable to these kinds of thieves by investing in a security system in your home such as a burglar alarm, or a home CCTV surveillance system that will send an alert to your smartphone when movement is detected across your driveway. This will mean you are immediately aware of any potential thefts and can call police immediately.

Do not leave your car keys or handbag near the door of your house as many thieves have begun ‘letterbox fishing’, where they put a pole through your letterbox in order to potentially grab your car or house keys.

4. Park Somewhere Secure

Parking somewhere you know is safe and secure is another absolute must if you want to keep your car safe. When at home, you should ideally keep your car in the garage and when out and about, look for a car park with CCTV in a secure area.