Case Study: Retford Cricket Club CCTV

At Mint Security, we often find that smaller, out-of-the-way premises are big targets for intruders. Whether it’s the seclusion of the site or the usually less than robust security measures in place, venues like sporting clubs are easy pickings for burglars and vandals.

This was the case for Retford Cricket Club, who found themselves in need of a CCTV solution to safeguard their premises. We quickly worked to assess their needs during a site visit and determined the best CCTV option for the site. As a result, the club and its facilities are now more secure than ever.
The Problem
Retford Cricket Club, like most sports teams, is in a secluded spot and found itself the target of repeated break-ins and malicious damage. For smaller sports clubs with low budgets, the loss of equipment and damage to facilities can have a massive impact, and the club secretary was anxious to have a robust solution in place.

Retford Cricket Club contacted Mint Security to help them mitigate the impact of vandals and thieves, and we quickly suggested an HD CCTV system. We worked with Retford Cricket Club to diagnose the best, most comprehensive camera coverage for the site and immediately got to work.

The CCTV System
Working hand-in-hand with the club secretary, we travelled to Retford to install the club’s new CCTV system.

When we were discussing options with the club secretary, he mentioned that he wanted to be able to see what was going on at the club at all times. We agreed this was a good idea and so suggested an HD CCTV system with remote monitoring for total peace of mind. The club secretary can connect to the CCTV system at any time and see just what is going on, with a monitoring centre set-up and on the alert for unexpected activity.

Concerning peace of mind, we felt that this was the right way to go and, with the club secretary always in the loop – no matter the time of day or night – Retford Cricket Club would be well protected.

Long-term, this will mean a considerable reduction in criminal and anti-social activities on the site and enable Retford Cricket Club to enjoy a far higher level of security. For everyone involved in the club, the site is now a much safer, more inviting place to be and, if they have recurring issues in the future, they know they have a system to catch the perpetrators.