How to Keep CCTV cameras Free of Spider Webs

Whilst everyone wants to live in harmony with nature, pesky spider webs can be quite damaging to the picture quality of your CCTV camera, causing distortion and obscuring the image. Here’s our quick guide to keeping your CCTV cameras spider-free…

The trouble with spider webs

Anyone with a CCTV system will be familiar with the common issue of spider webs appearing across the lens. Security engineers and homeowners alike have all complained about spider webs, and as an additional issue, spiders can also trigger intruder alarms and cause clients to have much explaining to do to their neighbours after yet another false alarm! CCTV cameras operate at a very slightly warm running temperature, which  attracts insects like spiders. Thankfully, there are ways to help keep them away. These range from old wives tales to more comprehensive solutions, and will probably require a little trial and error on the part of the property owner to see what works best for them.

Poison the spiders

This is obviously the least eco-friendly solution to your spider problem, and many people will take issue with getting rid of them in this way. Not only do spiders contribute to the eco-system in significant ways, but they are a living creature, after all. Yet if they are causing a big problem, you may find your only solution is insecticide. It can be very effective at dealing with this specific problem, with a range of insecticides on the market to help you handle spiders who decide to take up residence on your security system. Some products will kill spiders who are sprayed directly, but the same products can often also be used as a deterrent, which could help to keep your cameras vision vlear. Use these products with caution,
particularly if you have children or pets.

Deny them entry

Making the surfaces of your camera too slippery for spiders to take hold is a more ecologically-sound way of handling the problem, but it can be surprisingly efficient, too. This can be easily achieved with a dab of Vaseline on the casing of your security kit, but you should check with your installer and any maintenance professionals first, to ensure you aren’t applying to areas which could heat up and cause damage to the system – or cause the person handling the kit to smear the mixture on lens by accident.

Use strong scents

Spiderex anti spider spraySome scents are notorious for deterring spiders – and could provide an easy way to get rid of this pest without causing any harm to the environment. Spiderex and citronella oil are known to be particularly effective, so why not soak a cloth in scented oil and attach it to your security system? Otherwise, you could simply add a few drops of the oil to the camera equipment itself, but be careful to avoid placing directly on the lens or this could obscure the image.

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Whichever method you choose, it will need to be continually reassessed to ensure ongoing