Do discount CCTV cameras really do the job?

With so many CCTV camera offers flooding the Internet, when you’re looking to tighten up your commercial or personal security it can be tempting to bag a bargain.

But are these low-price steals as good of a deal as they seem? Can a cheap CCTV camera ever really help to safeguard your home from intrusion? Will their technical specifications live up to your expectations and, more importantly, meet your needs?

When it comes to your security, it is often a case of you get what you pay for. It could be that a self-installed low-cost security camera does do the trick, but it is true they are in no way comparable to CCTV systems that are sourced and installed professionally.

Before adding that CCTV discount deal to your basket, be sure to think through the necessities and essentials. Be savvy when shopping for security equipment to ensure you select the most effective, efficient and suitable option. As a heads up, here are four points to consider:

1 – How equipped are you for the CCTV installation?

Camera specifics and technical jargon aside, it is no use purchasing a cheap CCTV camera for self-installation if you are unable to set-up the system.

While it may seem straightforward, especially in the case of new wireless cameras, expertise is often essential. Logistical aspects such as CCTV placement and adjustment to picture quality can make all the difference when it matters.

2 – Where can it go?

Much low-cost CCTV camera equipment is intended for use indoors. If you require a system for external use, it is imperative that your choice of camera is resistant to adverse weather conditions of all kinds and any tampering.

Without professional guidance, your bargain DVR could be little more than an advanced baby monitor.

3 – Where has it been?

Imported CCTV equipment is often priced much lower than high-quality products that are sourced from established firms. Cheap security equipment does not usually guarantee a satisfactory picture nor high performance.

In the case that you do choose to have your system sourced and installed professionally, always be mindful of the equipment costs involved. This often reflects the quality of the CCTV.

4 – Have you checked the spec?

Your bargain find may well be advertised as a CCTV, but is it actually that?

Much of the cost involved with security systems is due to the digital video recorder. Professionally sourced DVRs will always include a hard drive, which stores your recording for a set period. Cheap systems often do not offer this facility. Users often view unrecorded footage online or from SD cards, which can quickly run out of memory or even be stolen from the device itself.

Check that picture quality too. HD doesn’t always mean HD. Look for at least 1080p. Anything less and it’s likely your footage couldn’t be used as evidence in the case of criminal activity.