Trust Security of Chesterfield Taken Over by Business Watch

Unfortunately, another local security company in Chesterfield has been taken over by a larger company. Trust Security of Chesterfield has recently been taken over by Business Watch, meaning that all Trust Security operations will now take place in Leeds.

Although some may not see this as a huge problem, those who rely on their security company being nearby may be disappointed that their security firm is no longer local.

Many people prefer to use a local security company because of the benefits it can offer local residents and businesses.

These benefits include familiarity with the area and good working relationship with a local service engineer. It also ensures that there is a better understanding between customers and the security company.

Given that Trust Security will essentially no longer be a local security company in Chesterfield, those looking to maintain a local relationship may be worried that there is no longer a solution to hand.

Fortunately, those in Chesterfield can rest assured that there is still an alarm installer in Chesterfield that offers a local service.

Mint Security Systems is not only proficient with the fitting of alarms but is also able to install other forms of security, such as CCTV. What’s more, Mint Security Systems are within the local community. So even if anything should go wrong, customers can be assured that the problems with be fixed promptly.

Understandably, people just don’t want any company dealing with the security needs, they need to be sure that the company that they’re dealing with is experienced and insured. Mint Security Systems is a NSI accredited installer so will meet all the requirements of your insurer.

Mint Security is a seasoned professional in the world of security systems and has been operating in the Chesterfield area for over 10 years. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a CCTV installer in Chesterfield or a monitored system with police response, Mint Security can aid you every step of the way.

We are even able to aid you with other safety aspects, including fire alarms and access control. The possibilities really are endless.

If you’ve recently been a customer of Trusts Security, or you’re simply looking for a professional and reliable security company to help safeguard your home or business, then why not get in touch with Mint Security today.

Our experience not only means that  are you dealing with professionals, but you’re also never paying more than you need to in relation to security.