Mint Security Chosen by Large Sheffield Food Recycling Plant for CCTV Installation

A large Sheffield food recycling plant has contracted Midlands CCTV installation experts, Mint Security. The Nottinghamshire firm came out on top after quoting for the job against several other providers, and has supplied and installed a high-quality CCTV system on site.

Proving that CCTV is not just about protecting company property from the inside but ensuring protection of company assets, equipment and staff on the inside, the Sheffield food recycling plant will be using their new CCTV cameras to monitor compliance with company policies and procedures within the company as well as external industry legislation.

All food waste within the Sheffield area including produce that is out of date or has failed to meet the standard required for consumer retail is sent to the plant to be recycled or destroyed as appropriate. With such a complex and busy hub, camera footage was deemed necessary to oversee smooth operation of the plant.

Mint Security’s team of Sheffield CCTV installers have fitted an intricate system of CCTV cameras at strategic points along the whole line of the operation to ensure waste is systematically disposed of according to strict safety and hygiene regulations.

The system was also designed by Mint, with a priority placed on ensuring cameras are positioned and angled to monitor all proceedings within the plant, Not only does the CCTV surveillance ensure that staff in the recycling unit are following proper disposal methods and standards, but it also helps to protect against contamination hazards by providing a complete overview of the entire plant for safety management. The cameras link back to the office block, allowing around the clock monitoring of the plant through the network.

Installing CCTV on such a large scale is no meager feat and requires plenty of planning to ensure that all health and safety requirements are adhered to. Working at extreme height, access platforms need to be carefully placed, tested and monitored. All members of the Mint Security team working on the Sheffield project completed a thorough training programme for platform operators set by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) standards. The IPAF promotes the safe use of powered access equipment and all qualifiers of the training programme receive the industry recognized and highly sort after PAL Card (Powered Access Licence).

Having been awarded the license to work at height and operate specialized motorized lift platforms, Mint Security personnel are fully qualified for further CCTV installation at height. Chris Watson, managing director of Mint Security Systems said, “Safety is our number one priority, not just for our own personnel but the safety of the staff, equipment and property at the locations where we need to operate such lift platforms. We ensure that all our technicians are well trained for any project they are required to complete and undergo regular company policy and procedural training in addition to any keeping licenses and qualifications they may hold up to date.

Our installation of CCTV cameras at the recycling plant demonstrates the versatility of such recording devices. CCTV is not just a tool for security purposes but can be of great benefit to the management team of large industrial plants who need to adhere to strict standards of operation and monitor a large and mobile workforce and equipment store.