Mint Security Help Worksop Pub Foil Burglars 12 Hours After CCTV Fitted

A Worksop security systems firm has helped a Worksop pub foil burglars who attempted to gain access to the bar area overnight. Business CCTV installers Mint Security fitted the White Lion with a CCTV system which uses state of the art security cameras and recording equipment.

The 16 camera installation at the premises was carried out with no disruption to the pub’s usual hours of operation and came into its own when it helped to catch a burglar after just 12 hours.

Chris Watson from Mint Security said, “Quite often customers will come to us after they have been victims of crimes such as a burglary or robbery but in the case of the White Lion 

it was perfect timing. The landlord approached us as we were local to the place of business and able to install the system without disturbing clients or staff. We get lots of calls from clients happy that their systems have been in place to protect their business when a crime has been committed but this is perhaps the earliest a business CCTV system has paid for itself!

By catching a burglar in just half a day, the CCTV installation has helped to ensure the landlord’s assets are protected and his business able to continue as usual. Based in Worksop, Mint Security specialise in business alarms and CCTV installations in Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

The system used was a standard day/night CCTV solution for businesses with 24/7 security delivered via state-of-the-art high resolution cameras. The digital recording technology used is the highest quality and is fully upgradeable, future proofing the licensed premises against technology developments. For complete peace of mind, the pub’s landlord can also keep an eye on the premises when not on site in future. This is made possible using Mint Security Systems’ range of digital CCTV video recorders which allow remote viewing from any location using internet explorer, a mobile phone or iPhone.