Nottingham Crime Figures

How well do you know the area you live and work in?  Would you think of it as a safe community? Do you feel safe and secure in your home, place of work and in public?  Nottinghamshire Police Force have released figures of all crime in the county, so the general public can see exactly what is going on in their neighbourhoods and take appropriate action.

From May 2013 – February 2014, the largest number of offences recorded were classed as Anti-Social Behaviour; this category of 26,647 cases covers a wide range of offences and it is hard to measure how dangerous they were.

The next major proportion of crime throughout Nottingham and the surrounding area was Violent Crime.  This category encompasses assaults, domestic violence, rape and sexual offences, offences with weapons and murder.  Robbery, burglary, vehicle theft and theft from the person all have separate categories; which means 10,601 recorded acts of violent crime in less than one year – an alarming figure if your home or business is located in or around Nottingham.

Throughout this same time period there were 7,334 accounts of criminal damage and arson, 6,520 burglaries recorded and 5,334 cases of shoplifting.  There was yet more theft cases in Nottinghamshire as 1,592 Bike Thefts were reported, 1,016 cases described as theft from the person and 6,240 classes as other theft.  In addition 793 robberies took place, which involved threatening or forcing the victim during the act of stealing.

These figures can appear quite shocking to the general public who don’t work within the law; often there is a lot more crime in your community than you realise.  Are you taking all the measures possible to keep you and your family safe?  Adding together all the cases of theft, robbery, burglary and shoplifting there were a shocking 21,505 offences including stealing.  There is also a very real risk of criminal damage, violent crime and anti-social behaviour.

Whether you’re a home owner or business owner in Nottinghamshire, you need to be aware of the crime rates and what you can do to protect yourself.  The easiest way to deter criminals from entering your property and attempting a burglary is to install a burglar alarm in Nottingham.  If the criminals were to target your home or commercial property, an alarm would alert neighbours or passers-by who could contact the emergency services.

However, some residents feel the need to go even further to prevent crime; not just inside their properties, but outside too.  Installing CCTV is becoming a popular choice, and the police force use it as an important tool for prosecuting people involved in criminal activity.  Like a burglar alarm, having CCTV can deter criminals from targeting your property but in addition, if the worst was to happen you could find the culprit on camera and have a better chance of finding the offender.  Find a CCTV installer in Nottingham today to protect yourself from any sort of theft, vandalism or other criminal activity.