Sheffield Crime Figures

Each Police Force in the UK releases its crime figures and statistics so the general public know about the level of crime in their community.  The city of Sheffield is policed by the South Yorkshire Police, who also cover Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham.  You may feel mostly safe in your area and not be aware of the majority of crime – studying the figures may change your perception.  The Police give this information to the local public so they have the option to take further protection and suitable action for their general safety.

From May 2013 – February 2014, the statistics for South Yorkshire show the largest number of offences recorded were classed as Anti-Social Behaviour; this category of 61,325 cases could have been a wide variety of serious or non-serious offences.  Secondly, the area has a high rate of Burglary with 11,576 recorded offences in a 10 month period.  With burglary the second most popular crime in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, it is recommended to step up protection at your property.

One of the easiest ways of deterring burglars is to find a local company to install a burglar alarm for you.  Whether you own a house or a business, you should think about protecting your property and its valuables 24/7 from criminals.  Burglar alarms in Sheffield have the potential to bring that crime rate down, as criminals often target properties without alarms or CCTV.  Most installers can offer different packages for homes and businesses, or tailor to your individual needs.

Also recorded throughout the time period there were 11,587 criminal damage and arson offences, 10,350 violent crime cases and 7,555 accounts of shoplifting.  These figures show there are even greater risks than burglary in South Yorkshire, and residents may wish to take further protection for the safety of themselves and their families.  Furthermore 787 robberies took place, which differs from burglary because the criminal threatens or forces the victim during the act of stealing, sometimes with a weapon.

Adding together all the cases of theft, robbery, burglary and shoplifting there were a shocking 32,673 offences incorporating stealing.  With that level of criminal activity in the area, can you afford not to take precautions to protect your property and goods? Are you taking all the measures possible to keep you and your family safe?

CCTV systems are becoming just as popular as burglar alarms in preventing theft and damage.  CCTV footage is also a vital tool for police to catch the criminals if they get away, and make sure they are prosecuted.  While once only considered beneficial for businesses and commercial properties, many homeowners are now embracing CCTV security systems to enhance the security of their home or business.

Installing CCTV can help protect your home or business from any sort of theft, vandalism or other criminal activity.  Contact us for a free quote.