You Service Your Car, Why Not Your Security?

For many security businesses, servicing is considered an optional extra. However here at Mint Security Systems, we believe that servicing is an absolute essential. Why? Because without it, your security systems risks malfunctioning, underperformance and ineffectiveness, all of which can seriously jeopardise the security of your home or business. So what servicing essentials are included in our comprehensive security service? Read on to find out!

Cleaning cameras

As well as acting as a visual deterrent, one of the key points of a security camera is to capture the identity of intruders. As such, a well cleaned camera is paramount to the effectiveness of your security system.


Once again, recording the identity of intruders is of the utmost importance. That’s why we regularly adjust the focus of our cameras to ensure the clearest image possible. This means that in the case of a break in, you’ll be equipped with footage that you can use to determine the identity of the thieves.

Adding anti spider film to the cameras

When it comes to cameras, spiders are a nightmare and have an annoying tendency to constantly build webs across the front of the lens. This is detrimental to the clarity of the recording which is why our maintenance team applies an anti-spider film to all cameras and continually checks for webs and other visual obstructions.

Checking the hard drive

To make sure your cameras are actively recording and getting maximum storage from the system, our Mint Security maintenance team conduct thorough hard drive checks across all systems.

Testing ARC connection

All monitored alarms are connected to anAlarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This is a remote station connected via your telephone line and manned 24 hours a day 365 days a year. As part of the maintenance service, we’ll ensure that your system is 100% connected and operational.

You wouldn’t run your car without a regular MOT so why risk it with your security system? If you want to ensure your home and business is protected as effectively as possible, it pays to enlist the services of a company such as Mint Security that consider maintenance as an essential service, not an added extra. Boasting a stamp of approval from the National Security Inspectorate, our clients can rest assured that they are receiving the very best in comprehensive security services.